Privacy Policy

This data protection declaration gives you an insight into the handling of your data at our brand. It applies to all websites, apps and other services and services offered.

If you have any questions relating to this privacy statement or to data processing, you can contact the Data Controller at . If you wish to assert your right to information or to be forgotten pursuant to Articles 15-22 of the GDPR , including the withdrawal of consent for marketing purposes, unsubscription from the newsletter, etc., contact the Data Controller by email. data. Please see the What data protection rights I have and Contact Us sections for more information.

How to read this data protection declaration: We offer you various ways of reading this data protection declaration. In this section, first of all, you will find some fundamental information. We have subsequently divided this data protection declaration into chapters according to the topics of interest to you.

We have preceded each chapter with a short introductory text. In it we briefly summarize the content of the chapter. If you therefore want to have a quick overview of all data processing, we recommend that you read the introductory texts. If you want to know the details, you can click on "read more" under the relevant introductory text. You will be shown the full content of the chapter.

Where possible we have dispensed with references in the text. In this way you receive the complete information in whichever chapter you are in. This means that if you read the privacy statement from start to finish, there will be steps that repeat themselves. We could not avoid all references in the text. For example, we have grouped all country-specific data processing into one chapter and refer to that chapter when there are country-specific data processing.

For which offers and services does this data protection declaration apply: The type and methods of data processing carried out by our company are similar for most of our offers. This data protection declaration therefore applies to all services and benefits that we offer to our customers in Europe. This applies regardless of the platform on which we offer the service: website, app, in sales outlets, by telephone, at events or via social networks. For greater simplicity in these "normal cases" we use the term "services".

However, there are also services for which we process your data in another way or for other purposes. This may depend on the type of service or country requirements. When we refer to these cases (hence "derogations from the normal case") we are talking about "service specific" or "country specific".

Note: iOS apps no longer share data with third parties for marketing purposes. If a specific iOS app continues to offer features that involve sharing data with a third party for marketing purposes, your data will only be shared if you click "I agree" in an iOS monitoring prompt.

What you learn from this data protection declaration:

  • What data is stored by Fabio Angelo Scafuro.
  • What we do with this data and what it is needed for.
  • What data protection rights and choices do you have?
  • What technologies and what data we use for the personalization and adaptation of our services and content we use to offer you a safe, simple, uninterrupted and individual shopping experience.
  • What technologies and what data we use for advertising, including tracking technologies.

1. What data are processed?

Fabio Angelo Scafuro offers various services which you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by telephone, in person or otherwise, different data comes into play from different sources. Much of the data we process is communicated to us by yourself while using our services, for example when you contact us and register by giving your name, email address or address. However, we also receive technical device and access data which is automatically collected when you interact with our services. These may relate to the type of appliance you use. We collect further data on the basis of analyzes we carry out (e.g. in the context of market research or customer evaluation). We may also receive data about you from third parties, for example business information services or payment service agencies.

If we talk about "data" we are referring to personal data. This is information by which we can identify you immediately or by combination with other information. Examples: Your name, telephone number, customer number, order numbers or your email address. Any information that does not allow us to identify you (even in combination with other information) counts as non-personal data. Non-personal data is also referred to as anonymized data. If we combine personal data with anonymised data, all data in this data set count as personal data. If we delete the personal data of a data set or piece of information about your person, the remaining data of this data set no longer count as personal data. This procedure is called anonymization. In principle, it applies: If we ask you to provide certain personal information, you can of course refuse to do so. You decide what information you want to give us. However, it is possible that in this way we will not be able to offer you the desired services or we will not be able to offer them to you in an optimal way. For example, it is not possible to have parcels delivered without indicating a delivery address. If only certain data are required in connection with a service (mandatory data), we will notify you of this by marking them appropriately.

1.1 Profile Data

Profile data is personal and demographic data about you (so-called basic data) and about your individual interests, which you communicate to us when registering your customer account. Profile data includes, for example:

  • your name and surname;
  • your contact details;
  • demographic data such as gender, age and place of residence.

Mandatory data is usually your name, address and e-mail address, as well as the password you have chosen. Your email address and password will be your login credentials.

For the use of paid, limited access or personalized services, additional mandatory data may also be requested, such as your date of birth or title.

The profile data may also contain further data about you and your interests. These can be detected as part of the registration for the service or at a later stage. This is the case, for example, if you add voluntary data to your profile or if you want to use your customer account to register for a service that requires further mandatory data.

1.2 Contact Details

If you contact us, we collect your contact details. Depending on how you contacted us (for example by telephone or email) your contact details may consist of your name, postal address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, details of your social media profiles ( for example we receive your ID in Facebook, if you contact us via Facebook), usernames and similar contact details.

1.3 Purchase Data

If you order something, we collect your purchase data. Purchase data may, depending on the type of sale and processing status, include the following information:

  • order number;
  • details on the goods purchased (definition, size, colour, purchase price, etc.);
  • data on the means of payment;
  • delivery and billing addresses;
  • communications and messages in relation to purchases (e.g. declarations of withdrawal, complaints and communications to customer service);
  • delivery and payment status, e.g. eg. "Completed" or "Shipped";
  • return status, e.g. eg. "Successfully completed";
  • data on the third party service providers involved in the execution of the contract (in the case of mail order it could be the shipment number of the courier service).

1.4 Payment Data

We offer you the common means of payment in online trading. In particular they are prepayment, credit card, PayPal or the invoice. To process the payment, we collect the payment data you have provided to us. We receive additional payment data from external payment processing services and business information services with which we cooperate for the purpose of payment processing and credit checks. We transmit to our payment management services only those data that are necessary for the payment to be processed.

Payment data can be, for example:

  • preferred means of payment;
  • billing addresses;
  • IBAN and BIC or account number and bank code;
  • credit card information;
  • creditworthiness data;

The payment data also includes further data in direct connection with the payment processing and the credit check. This affects, for example, data that external service providers use for identification, such as your PayPal ID (if you pay via PayPal).

1.5 Interest Data

During your interaction with our services, data arises that allow us to learn about the content, themes, products, product ranges, or styles in which you are interested. For example, from purchase data, the content of the wish list, your age (as far as you make this information available to us) and through comparisons with other users with similar characteristics we can derive the styles and product categories in which you are interested. So, in the next search you do, we are able to show you the products that are probably most relevant to you first.

In addition to the interests that you communicate to us directly, we can also derive your interests from other data that we collect. If, for example, you repeatedly access a certain area of ​​the shop, we can draw conclusions about your interests as part of the usage analysis on the basis of your access data (for example, if you regularly visit the "Sportswear" category or order products in that category, we can deduce that you are probably interested in sports).

We also obtain data and statistics on demographics (age, gender, region), device and access data as well as the interests of our users from our external advertising partners for this purpose. We make sure that our advertising partners only transmit aggregated, encrypted or anonymised data, so that we cannot match the data to a particular person, especially a username. This information can help us to better understand our users, for example in customer structure analysis and user segmentation.

Find more information on the processing of your data for advertising purposes under: How does the brand use my data for advertising?

1.6 Communications

If you communicate with us or other users by telephone, post, social media services, contact forms or otherwise about our products (e.g. product reviews) or other topics, we collect the content of your communications .

If you send us messages to other users via the spaces provided for this purpose (e.g. product reviews), these may be published by us as part of our services.

For communication with customers and users, the brand also uses offers from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok. We use these communication platforms to offer you further contact and information options in addition to our own communication channels. Please note, however, that we have no influence on the conditions of use of social networks and the services offered by them and that we have limited influence on their data processing. We therefore ask you to carefully check which personal data you transmit to us via social networks. We have no possibility of influencing the behavior of social network operators, other users or third parties who may cooperate with the social network operators or who use their services.

1.7 Location Data

For certain purposes, we also collect the current location data of your device when you use our services. In this context we use two different technologies.

If you have consented to the location services of your device in an app, website or other online service, the brand processes the location data collected by your device and made available to us in order to provide you with related services. location.

If you allow access to the location services of your device, your location may be transmitted to us on a regular basis. This serves to improve the user experience, for example by loading location-related content faster if you use the app in your location or to display location-based push communications. We do not use this data to compile travel profiles. If necessary, you will receive further information regarding the location-based service.

We also collect location data from your device's IP address (down to city level). For this purpose, an IP address shortened to three digits and anonymised is used. It cannot be used to identify your internet connection or your device.

What is an IP address?

Each device connected to the Internet must be assigned a unique multi-digit code (example: This code is called the IP address. The first three digits of the IP address are usually those associated with the region or a particular internet provider. So from the IP address you can roughly read the location of your internet connection.

This process (so-called geolocation) is used by us and many other online shops, for example, for fraud prevention to identify suspicious orders (in certain situations it can be suspicious if you place orders via your customer account from an address IP of a country from which you have never placed orders).

1.8 Data for Opinion Actions and Surveys

If you take part in an offer proposed by Fabio Angelo Scafuro (e.g. a prize game) or an opinion poll (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys in the context of market research), please to provide personal data. For example, in a prize game we usually ask you for your name and email address, in order to be able to contact you in the event of a win and to ensure that each participant can only take part once in the prize game .In some actions and investigations we may also ask you for additional data. This may be the case if we carry out an action jointly with a partner and the partner needs information about you in order to be able to make the prize available to you. In such cases we always inform you separately about the requested data and its use by us.

1.9 Device data and access

When using online and mobile services, it is inevitable that technical data is generated and processed in order to provide the features and content offered and to display them on your device. This data is called "Device and Access Data" and is created whenever you use online and mobile services. Regardless of who the provider is, this data is created, for example, during the use of:

  • Web sites
  • Applications
  • Social media fan page
  • Email newsletter (e.g. if your interaction with the newsletter is logged)
  • Location Based Services

The company collects data relating to the device and access to the online and mobile services offered by Fabio Angelo Scafuro himself (eg the Shop). Second, the brand may receive device and log data from other companies' online and mobile services, as long as they are social media or advertising partners.

Device and access data includes the following categories:

  • general device information, such as data on the device type, operating system version, configuration settings (e.g. language setting, system permissions), internet connection settings (e.g. network name number, connection speed) and the apps used (e.g. app name and version.)
  • identification data (ID), such as session ID, cookie ID, unique serial numbers of the devices (e.g. Google advertising ID, Apple Ad ID), account IDs of third-party providers (as far as you use social plugin or social login or payment via PayPal) and other common Internet technologies, in order to be able to recognize your web browser, your device or a certain app installation.
  • Access data that apps and web browsers automatically transfer to web servers and databases with every online access (as part of a so-called HTTP request). This consists of standardized information about the requested content (e.g. name and file type of a called file) as well as further information about server access (e.g. transmitted data volume and error codes), about your device (such as device type, operating system, software versions, device identifications, IP address, previously visited page and access time).

2. What does the brand use my data for?

We process your data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In doing so, we of course comply with the principles of data protection law for the processing of personal data. We therefore basically only process your data for the purposes explained in this data protection declaration and declared at the time of collection. These are primarily the procurement process and provision, customization and development as well as the security of our service. Furthermore, we use your data within the scope of the strict German and EU data protection regulations but also for other purposes, such as product development, scientific research (particularly in the areas of machine learning, intelligence artificial and deep learning) and market research for the optimization of business processes, the need-based design of our services as well as personalized advertising.

In this chapter we inform you on what legal (legal) basis we process data for the individual purposes. Depending on the legal basis on which we process your data, you may have – in addition to your always existing data protection rights, such as the right to information – specific data protection rights. For example, in certain cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your data. Find more information under "What data protection rights do I have?"

2.1 Development of the purchase and provision of online services.

We process your data in each case within the scope of this necessary for the fulfillment of the contract and for the provision and execution of further services requested by you, as described in the data protection declaration. The purposes of the respectively necessary data processing are therefore oriented towards the purpose of the contract concluded with you in each case (including our General Terms and Conditions of Business and, if applicable, our service-specific General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use) or the services requested by you.

2.2 Advertising and market research, data analysis

We also use your data in the context of data analysis for advertising and market research purposes. In doing so, we primarily pursue the following objectives:

  • segmentation into different target and user groups in the context of market research;
  • knowledge of different target groups and their respective usage habits and shopping interests;
  • obtaining knowledge on the demographics, interests, purchasing and use habits of our users as well as the marketing of this knowledge in the context of advertising services provided to third parties;
  • the timely identification of trends in the fashion and online-shopping sectors;
  • carrying out advertising to customers already in the portfolio;
  • the execution of direct advertising, for example via newsletter;
  • the planning, execution and control of the result of advertising which corresponds to the interests of the target groups concerned (personalised advertising);
  • knowledge of how our services are used (usage analysis);
  • the commercialization of the above knowledge in the context of advertising services to advertising customers.

2.3 Transfer of data on overdue payments to debt collection service providers

If you do not settle outstanding invoices despite repeated reminders, we may pass on the data necessary to commission this agency to debt collection service agencies for the purpose of debt collection. Alternatively we can assign the claim to a debt collection service agency, who will enforce the claim on their behalf.

Laws cited:

The transfer of data within the scope of the fiduciary debt collection service is art. 6, paragraph 1 b) GDPR; the data transfer in the context of the credit assignment takes place on the basis of art. 6, paragraph 1 f) GDPR.

2.4 Because of your consent

In case you have given your consent to the processing of personal data, the legal basis of our treatment is, in the first line, this consent. Which data we process on the basis of your consent depends primarily on the purpose of your consent. Typical purposes are, for example:

  • ordering a newsletter;
  • participation in a survey or market research;
  • the processing of particularly sensitive data, from which it can be inferred, for example, your political, religious or ethical opinions or your state of health;
  • the recording of telephone conversations you conduct with our customer service;
  • the transfer of your data to a third party or to a country outside the European Union;
  • The processing of your location data takes place by means of Google Maps in specific cases in order to be able to offer you e.g. information on the nearest collection points for your order.

2.5 Other Purposes

If permitted by data protection law, we may also use your data without your consent for new purposes, such as carrying out data analyzes or developing our services and content. The prerequisite for this is that these new purposes, for which the use of the data is intended, were not yet established at the time of the data collection or were not foreseeable and that the new purposes are in accordance with those for which the data they had originally been detected. For example, new legal and technical developments and new business models and services may lead to new processing purposes.

3. Information about websites and apps

We use your data to provide the websites and apps. In addition to the device and access data, which are generated during each use of these services, the type of data processed and the purpose of the processing depend in particular on how you use the functions and services provided via our services. We also use the data generated during the use of our services to find out how our online offer is used. We use this information, among other things, in the context of shopping personalization, to improve our services as well as for personalized advertising.

3.1 Bidders

You can identify the responsible provider of the service from the imprint of the respective website or the respective app.

3.2 What data is collected?

As a matter of principle, we collect all data that you communicate to us directly via our services.

Device and access data

For each access to the server, device and access data are generated and logged in so-called server log files. At the end of the respective session, the IP address contained therein is anonymized for a short time, as soon as storage is no longer required for maintaining the functionality of the respective website. To the extent available and activated on your device, we also collect the identification code of the your device (e.g. the so-called "Ad-ID" if you use an Android device, or the "Ad-ID" if you use an Apple device). This device code is issued by the manufacturer of your device's operating system and can be read and used by websites and apps to present content to you based on your usage habits. If you do not want this to happen, you can deactivate this at any time in the browser or system settings of your device.


For each user who registers for a customer account or other service, we create a password-protected personal login. If you do not log out after logging in with your login credentials, you will automatically remain logged in to most of our services. Depending on the type of service, a cookie or comparable technology is used for this purpose. This function allows you to use a part of our services even without reconnecting each time. For security reasons, you will be asked to re-enter your password if, for example, you want to change your profile data or place an order. In other services, deactivate the web analysis or app analysis for this purpose. Information on website cookies Our websites use cookies. Acceptance of cookies is not a condition for visiting our websites. However, please note that our websites may have reduced functionality if you do not accept cookies. In your web browser you can set that the storage of cookies only takes place if you agree.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your browser memorises and which memorize certain settings and data for interchange with our web servers. In principle, two types of cookies are distinguished: the so-called session cookies, which are deleted as soon as the browser is closed and permanent/temporary cookies which are stored for an extended period. We need this memorization to be able to set up the websites and our services in a more suitable way for you and therefore facilitate your use, for example by memorizing certain settings, so that it is not necessary to repeat them every time.
The cookies we use can come from the Brand or from advertising partners. If you only want to accept cookies from Fabio Angelo Scafuro, but not those from our advertising partners, you can choose a corresponding setting (e.g. "Block third-party cookies" in your browser). Normally the help function in the toolbar of your web browser explains how to refuse new cookies and make existing ones ineffective. In the case of shared computers, which are set up to accept cookies and flash cookies, we recommend that you log out completely after you have finished using our websites. We use three categories of cookies for our services:

  • Necessary cookies: These cookies are necessary for optimal navigation and use of the website. For example, the shopping cart function is implemented with these cookies. In this way the products remain stored in the cart while you continue with the purchases. Necessary cookies are also used to store certain settings and entries that you have made so that you do not have to repeat them over and over again, as well as to tailor the brand contents to your individual interests. Without the necessary cookies, the website cannot be used or the use is restricted.
  • Statistical cookies: These cookies collect device and access data in order to analyze the use of our websites, for example which areas are used in which way (so-called surfing behavior), how quickly the content is loaded and whether errors occur. These cookies contain only anonymous or pseudonymous information and are only used to improve our sites and to know what interests our users, as well as to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. Statistical cookies can be blocked, without this having repercussions on navigation or use of the site.
  • Marketing cookies ("Tracking-Cookies"): These cookies contain identifiers and collect device and access data in order to tailor advertising on the website to your individual interests. Our advertising partners, who operate online advertising networks, also collect device and access data on our websites. In this way we can also show you personalized advertising tailored to your interests on other websites or apps of other providers (so-called retargeting). Marketing cookies can be blocked, without affecting navigation or use of the site. Possibly personalization of the shopping cannot take place.
Our websites and apps contain cookies and similar tracking technologies from advertising partners who operate online advertising networks. In this way, our advertising partners also gain access to your device and access data and can present you with personalized advertising that is geared to your interests, including on websites and apps of other providers (e.g. product-oriented advertising you have just seen in the shop).

You can deactivate the processing of your data for retargeting at any time:

  • In other services, disable usage analysis.
  • • For other websites or apps, you can also opt out of retargeting by participating online networks via the opt-out page of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA). Turn off further advertising.

3.4 Analysis of use

In all of our services, we use tracking technologies to evaluate device and access data. In this way we can find out how our users generally use our offer. In doing so, cookies and comparable identifiers are used. In this way we learn which contents and topics are in particular demand, which pages of our services are used most frequently, from which region (up to the city level) our services are used and, in general, which type of browser and device our users use. We also carry out occasional A/B tests as part of the usage analysis. A/B testing is a specific variant of usage analysis. A/B testing (also called split-testing) is a way of proceeding to compare two versions of a website or an app to find out which version performs better or makes the user find the content they are looking for faster . By creating and testing versions A and B, data is obtained on the basis of which the decision to change the services is easier and can be made faster. You can deactivate the processing of your data for analysis purposes at any time. fruition:

In other services, disable usage analysis .

4. Information on social media pages

Fabio Angelo Scafuro owns social media profiles (the so-called "pages") on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. We regularly publish and share content, offers and recommendations on our pages. The social network operators record your usage behavior via cookies and similar technologies with each interaction on our fan pages or on other Facebook or Instagram sites. Page operators can view general statistics on the interests and demographic characteristics (e.g. age, gender, region) of visitors to the pages. When using social networks, the nature, scope and purpose of data processing are mainly determined by the operators of the relevant social networks.

5. Newsletters

We offer various newsletter services which include

  • inspirational content, such as brand updates, trends, offers, sales, categories;
  • reminders, e.g. when an item in the wish list has a reduced price, in the case of items forgotten in the bag or if a size reminder has been requested;
  • surveys to identify the approval rating of a purchased item;
  • personalized suggestions of items we think you might like based on your previous orders and browsing behaviour;
  • updates from influencers you may follow on our site.

By subscribing to the newsletter it is possible to receive some of the newsletter services as described above (depending on the purpose of the subscription). There are also service-specific newsletters, which are an integral part of a specific service.

6. Product recommendations by email and push service

In connection with our services, we present you with information and offers based on your interests. You may receive a limited number of individual product recommendations, surveys, product review requests from us, whether or not you have subscribed to a newsletter. In accordance with the statutory provisions, we preferentially use data from previous orders to select individual product recommendations.

7. Shopping vouchers

We use the data communicated in the context of an order for brand vouchers to verify and process the order as well as to send and redeem the voucher. This also includes the recording and processing of data associated with the use of the voucher, in particular for the purpose of fraud prevention.

8. How does the brand use my data for advertising?

We and our advertising partners use your data for personalized advertising which is displayed to you on the websites and apps of other providers. For this purpose, we and our advertising partners use internet technologies that are common on the market. In this way we can advertise more precisely and present you as far as possible only advertisements and offers that are relevant to you. This allows us to better respond to our users' needs for customization and discovery of new products as well as to interest them in the long term in our services through a personal shopping experience.

Note: iOS apps after June 10, 2021 no longer share data with third parties for marketing purposes. If a specific iOS app continues to offer features that involve sharing data with a third party for marketing purposes, your data will only be shared if you click "I agree" in an iOS monitoring prompt.

9. To whom is my data forwarded?

The company only forwards data if this is permitted by EU data protection law. We work in particularly close collaboration with some service companies, such as logistics companies (e.g. couriers such as UPS). In principle, these companies are only permitted to process your data under special conditions and on our behalf. Insofar as we use these companies as commissioned processors, the service companies are only granted access to your data for the scope and period necessary for the provision of the respective service.

10. What data protection rights do I have?

Under the respective legal prerequisites, you have the following statutory data protection rights: right to information (Article 15 GDPR), right to erasure (Article 17 GDPR), right to correction (Article 16 GDPR), right to restriction of dissemination (Article 18 GDPR ), right to data portability (Article 20 GDPR), right of appeal to a public data protection institution (Article 77 GDPR), right to withdraw consent (Article 7 paragraph 3 GDPR) as well as the right to object against certain data dissemination measures (article 21 GDPR). If you wish to assert your rights relating to data processing, you can contact the Data Controller at any time at Further information is available in the Contact section.

Important notices:

  • To ensure that in the event of requests for information, your data is not transmitted to third parties, please attach suitable evidence of your identity to your request and send it to us by post or email.
  • If you have given consent to the processing of your data, you can revoke it . revoke it at any time. The revocation does not affect the permissibility of processing of your data carried out before the revocation.
  • You can object to the processing of your data for advertising purposes, including direct advertising (also in the form of data analysis), at any time and without giving reasons.
  • If we justify the processing of your data with an assessment of interests in accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR (e.g. the reporting of creditworthiness data to an external business information service), you can object to the processing. objection please explain the reasons why we should not process your data.If the objection is justified, we will verify the situation and we will either stop processing your data or adjust it, or we will inform you of our mandatory and which allow us to continue the treatment.

11. When is my data deleted?

We store your personal data as long as it is necessary for the purposes of this data protection declaration, in particular for the fulfillment of our legal and contractual obligations. We will also store your personal data for other purposes if necessary, if and as long as the law permits us to further store it for certain purposes, including for the defense of legal claims.

13. Changes to this data protection declaration

As we develop our website and implement new technologies to improve our services for you, changes to these privacy notices may become necessary. We therefore recommend that you read this data protection declaration from time to time.

14. Contacts

Under "" you can contact our data protection team at any time with general questions or to exercise your rights.

15. Cookie notices

Here you can find out which cookies we use. To access the overview of all cookies click here.